M1 High Performance Driving Program


M1 High Performance Driving Program

Currently available M1 Concourse performance driving programs and experiences can be viewed in the M1 Shop.  http://m1concourse.com/shop/

Custom programs available upon request.

M1 Concourse Custom High Performance Driving Programs are designed to meet your performance driving goals. It is highly recommended that you successfully complete our Peak or Apex Driving Experiences as a pre-requisite to a custom program.

Custom programs take your driving skills to the next level through an increased understanding of your vehicle’s capabilities, confidence inspiring driving drills and a series of hot-lapping sessions. You will learn how to push yourself and your automobile to the limit.

Programs can be designed and priced with an M1 Performance Vehicle or your track capable/approved vehicle.



The focus will be on understanding how a vehicle behaves when pushed to the limit and why. The physical and mental side of high performance driving will also be discussed. Skills learned include:

  • The theory and science behind high performance driving
  • Correct hand placement and seating position
  • Vehicle dynamics and weight management
  • Visual techniques to slow down the perception of speed while driving


Students will be taught the nuances of cornering braking to successfully navigate a track. Skills learned include:

  • Identifying turn-in points
  • Proper braking technique for various types of turns
  • Hand-eye-foot coordination
  • Finding the apex of the corner
  • Proper track-out techniques


Students will be taught to control oversteer and how to react to this condition correctly at speeds. You will learn:

  • How to react and stay calm during a skid
  • Where to look and what to look for during a skid
  • Proper control of the accelerator and brake during a skid
  • How and where to steer the vehicle


Students will learn the subtleties needed to perfect the art of a smooth racing line. Students will learn how:

  • Focus ahead and spot turn-in points
  • Time hand motions to make turns seamless
  • Find the apex of the turn
  • Use peripheral vision and sight pictures to their advantage


Students will put all of their training to use in fast-paced on-track session, following behind the instructor's car at speeds approaching 100mph.

Overview of the day

The M1 Concourse High Performance Driving School is ideally suited for:

  • Driving enthusiasts looking to learn advanced techniques for maximizing vehicle performance and personal skill.
  • Veteran drivers looking to further their experience and hone high-level skills.
  • Individuals new to the world of performance driving, but eager to develop an advanced driving skillset.