M1 Concourse Entrance
Every car lover's
dream just
came true™
Imagine a place where you can enjoy your passion for all things automotive and motorsports. You can have your own Private Garage surrounded by other collectors, repair and restoration shops, restaurants and even a test track.

It's located right on Woodward Avenue, America's first highway (M1) and ground zero each year of the world's biggest car celebration, the Woodward Dream Cruise.

That's what M1 Concourse is all about.

To receive updates on developments at M1 Concourse, send an email to info@m1concourse.com and we will add you to our VIP list.

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Phase 1 Private Garages Remaining - All 80 Private Garages SOLD OUT!

Phase 2 - First Building Release:

600 SF Units (6 Available @ $125k each):  Remaining

1,200 SF Units (3 Available @ $250k each):  Remaining

2,400 SF Units (4 Available @ $500k each):  Remaining

Your Private Garage
  • Private and secure
  • Membership in the Exclusive M1 Club
  • Options for 2 to 50 cars
  • Flexible loft space for the ultimate personalized environment
  • Climate controlled
  • Plumbed for bathrooms

The Development
  • 250+ Private Garages
  • 1.5 Mile Performance Track with 1/3 mile straightaway, challenging turns, exhilarating elevation changes and skidpad
  • Auto themed restaurant
  • Walkable village of auto focused businesses
  • Year round programming, including car shows, concerts, vehicle demonstrations and more
  • Up to 100,000 sq. ft. single or multi-tenant office space

General Inquiries — info@m1concourse.com
Sponsorship and Retail/Office Tenants — brad@m1concourse.com
Media Requests — media@m1concourse.com