M1 Motorsports Club

The ultimate driving club. Push the limits of your performance machine or enjoy all the heritage of your vintage classic. No need to worry about cops, speed-limits or potholes here. The M1 Motorsports Club provides regular track access to its members in a controlled, safe, and world-class driving environment. Currently, only Private Garage owners are eligible to be a part of this exclusive community.

One-time Initiation Fee – $30,000/Private Garage or $20,000 if obtained at time of Garage purchase

Annual Fee – $3,950/year for each member in a Private Garage

NOTE: Up to 2 owners may join the M1 Motorsports Club for units between 509-737 sf and up to 4 owners for units between 1,000-2,452 sf.


Regular Track Access

Club members are guaranteed 6 hours per week of track access, including weekday lunch laps and a weekend block of open track time. Members can book additional track time at a nominal hourly rate whenever the Champion Motor Speedway is not reserved by corporate clients.

Driver Series Events

Hone your high speed skills and technical abilities at monthly training events and programs. Topics vary and are customized based on driver proficiency and vehicle type.

Performance Vehicle Fleet

The M1 Motorsports Club maintains a stable of high-end, luxury brand vehicles that are available exclusively to its members. Experience the newest models and latest technology from a variety of manufacturers. Reserve the dream machine of your choice and hit the track.

If interested in being part of the M1 Club, please contact us or view our selection of available garages.

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