• Can I purchase a private garage with one or more people?

    Yes. We permit up to 2 owners for units between 509-737 sf and up to 4 owners for units between 1,000-2,452 sf. Owners must comply with the M1 Concourse Private Garage Community Covenants governing number of visitors and parking.

    Can I live in a private garage?

    The M1 property is not zoned for residential uses and thus Private Garages may not be occupied as primary residence. Casual/intermittent overnight stay by owners and/or their guests are subject to local ordinances and all living/entertaining spaces such as lofts/mezzanines must comply with local code.

    Can I rent storage space in my private garage to others?

    Owners may not rent/lease individual storage/parking spaces to others in their garage. Owners may sublease their unit as outlined in the M1 Concourse Private Garage Community Covenants.

    Will I have unlimited access to the track?

    No. Track access is subject to availability. Use of the M1 Performance Track is intended for special events, driving schools, corporate rentals and members of the M1 Motorsports Club.
    See the M1 Motorsports Club page for details

    Is there a property owners association?

    Yes. All Private Garages at M1 Concourse are part of the M1 Concourse Private Garage Community Condominium Association (the “Association”). The Association is a non-profit corporation organized under the applicable laws of the State of Michigan, and is responsible for the management, maintenance, operation and administration of the common elements, easements and affairs of the condominium project in accordance with the condominium documents and the laws of the State of Michigan.

    How much are condo association fees and when are they due?

    Condo association dues for common area maintenance are based on unit size. Dues are calculated on a monthly basis and collected quarterly. Current expenses  result in the following approximate dues:

    509 sf unit: $80/month ($240/quarter)
    547 sf unit: $85/month ($255/quarter)
    600 sf unit: $100/month ($300/quarter)
    737 sf unit: $115/month ($345/quarter)
    984 sf unit: $150/month ($450/quarter)
    1,200 sf unit: $185/month ($555/quarter)
    2,250 sf unit: $350/month ($1,050/quarter)
    2,400 sf unit: $370/month ($1,110/quarter)

    How much are property taxes?

    As with all real estate, the local tax assessor determines the assessed value and apply local millage rates. Based on current millage rates in Pontiac and an equalized value equal to 50% of the purchase price, property taxes may range from approximately $2,000 to $10,000 per year depending on size of Private Garage. Note: this is an estimate only and may be lower or higher depending on assessed value.

    Can I access my private garage at any time?

    Yes. Owners have 24/7 access to their unit year round. Track access will be limited to designated hours.

    Can I sell my private garage in the future?

    Yes. Similar to other real estate, owners are able to sell or will their unit(s) at any point in the future. Owners must comply with the requirements outlined in the M1 Concourse Private Garage Community Covenants.

    Are there any restrictions on what I can do in my private garage?

    You may use your Private Garage to store and work on vehicles, entertain family/friends/customers and any other lawful purposes. As with any neighborhood, M1 Concourse expects owners to not only adhere to all laws and ordinances, but also be respectful of the community and their neighbors. Use of Private Garages are governed by the M1 Concourse Private Garage Community Covenants which can be provided upon request.

    Can I decorate the outside of my unit?

    No. In order to maintain a consistent appearance outside the Private Garages, owners are not allowed to customize the garage doors, building exteriors or any other area outside of their unit. The options inside your Private Garage are endless.

    Can I bring my pet to M1 Concourse?

    Yes. We welcome pets at M1 Concourse, provided they are licensed and vaccinated. Pets are not permitted on the track or in any commercial buildings. Additionally, pets my not be left unattended.

    Will M1 Concourse provide car related services (e.g., detail, repair, etc.)?

    It is anticipated that there will be a variety of onsite auto services available to owners. The developers are seeking to secure partners with a reputation of quality workmanship and customer service to provide these services.

    Will I have any liability for environmental issues?

    Due to uncertainties surrounding potential future liability related to environmental issues, the developers have secured a Prospective Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) with the USEPA. The PPA generally protects the developer and subsequent Private Garage purchasers, from suits and other civil and administrative actions by USEPA. The developers will also be conducting and disclosing to the MDEQ a baseline environmental assessment (“BEA”) for each Private Garage purchaser to provide liability protection under state law.

  • How do I schedule track time?

    The Champion Motor Speedway staff maintains a calendar of all events occurring on the track. M1 Motorsports Club members have regular time reserved on a weekly basis and can make reservations during other times on a first come, first served basis. Public track days are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Public users wishing to drive on the track can register for one of the public track days available.

    What types of cars will be allowed on the track?

    The track operations staff has approval over all cars based on
    inspections and driver qualification. Except for designated special events, only street-legal vehicles are permitted on the track.

    Are there safety personnel onsite?

    Professional safety personnel is onsite during all M1 Motorsports Club
    track events that require such oversight. Certain events may not necessitate the presence of safety personnel (e.g. autocross). The M1 track operations manager makes the final determination as to what level of safety oversight is necessary during a given event. Additionally, M1 Concourse is one block away from St. Joseph Mercy Oakland which was recently verified as a Level II trauma center by the American College of Surgeons.

  • What is the M1 Motorsports Club?

    The M1 Motorsports Club was created to provide our members with access to the Champion Motor Speedway and enjoy a wide variety of organized driving events in a controlled and safe environment. Membership includes approximately 6 hours of weekly organized track time, access to designated monthly events and the ability to rent the track when the facility is not reserved by corporate clients.

    How do I become a member of the M1 Motorsports Club?

    At present time, only Private Garage owners are eligible to become members of the M1 Motorsports Club.

    What are the costs to join the club?

    One-time Initiation Fee Р$30,000/Private Garage or $20,000 if obtained at time of new Garage purchase

    Annual Fee – $3,950/year for each member in a Private Garage

    NOTE: Up to 2 owners may join the M1 Motorsports Club for units between 509-737 sf and up to 4 owners for units between 1,000-2,452 sf.

    What is the guest policy?

    Guests are permitted to join an M1 Motorsports Member as a passenger at driving events on a limited basis. A guest is limited to a maximum of three (3) visits per calendar year. Members are responsible for ensuring each of their guests know and understand all M1 Motorsports Club general rules and regulations.

    The M1 Motorsports Club organizes a handful of events each year when guests of Club Members are allowed to bring their own vehicles and drive on the Champion Motor Speedway.

    ALL guests must sign a liability release/waiver prior to participating in any event at M1 Motorsports Club.

  • What parts of the M1 Concourse are open to the public?

    M1 Concourse holds a wide variety of events on the property open to the public, including car shows, track driving events, an annual drag race competition and more.

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