M1 Adult Defensive Driving Experience


M1 Adult Defensive Driving Experience

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The M1 Concourse Adult Defensive Driving School is designed to teach experienced drivers how to effectively navigate a variety of hazardous, real-world driving conditions to further improve their driving skill set.

Our curriculum integrates a number of hands-on, advanced training exercises where drivers will learn crucial skills that may one day, save their lives. The program focuses on teaching skills and behaviors that go far beyond what drivers learn from a standard defensive driving course.

Students are taught by professional instructors who use their skills and experiences, learned through years of professional driving, to teach the principles of defensive driving on the road.

All activities and drills are conducted in a controlled and safe environment.



Students will be taught the necessary elements to prepare them to handle an emergency situation when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Skills learned include:

  • Proper seating position, hand placement and mirror adjustments to help eliminate blind spots
  • Visual techniques to increase viewing distance
  • Vehicle dynamics and weight management


Participants will get behind the wheel of "Drift Car", vehicles equipped with a hydraulic dolly lift system, to simulate real-world, low-traction conditions. Students will learn why skids and spins happen, how to avoid them, and how to recover in order to prevent an accident. Skills learned include:

  • How to react and stay calm during a skid
  • Where to look and what to look for during a skid
  • Proper control of the accelerator and brake during a skid
  • How and where to steer the vehicle


Students will be exposed to emergency road situations where initial braking may not be an option. They will learn the maneuvers necessary to avoid an accident and then get the vehicle stopped in the shortest possible distance, all while maintaining control of the vehicle. Skills learned include:

  • Improved reaction time and decision making in emergency situations
  • The importance of hand speed to get control of the vehicle during the initial stages of accident avoidance
  • Where to focus visual attention to avoid or respond to an emergency situation safely
  • Understanding the relationship between the steering wheel and brake pedal in maintaining maximum vehicle control


Students will learn effective braking techniques, including:

  • Stopping in the shortest possible distance
  • Maximizing the use of ABS - Antilock Braking System
  • How to brake and turn to avoid an obstacle

Overview of the day

The M1 Concourse Adult Defensive Driving Experience is ideally suited for:

  • Drivers looking to develop a skillset that will enable them to prevent collisions and handle hazardous situations
  • Drivers that have been in a accident or are looking to avoid potential accidents
  • Drivers that have received a moving violation