Driving Programs

Professionally Instructed Driving Programs

Limited only by your imagination, we can accommodate every skill level from first-time drivers through professional racers.

Custom tailored programs start at $1,950 and are designed with safety, driver improvement and performance in mind. They can be built for individuals, clubs and corporate groups.

Participants will have an unforgettable experience and drive away with a new set of skills that can be applied to every day driving or your desired driving activity.

  • M1 Corporate Defensive Driving Program

    Half-Day Defensive Driving Course

    Your employees will have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of defensive driving techniques in a safe and controlled environment. Activities include accident avoidance simulations, threshold and ABS braking, over-steer recovery, slalom, emergency lane change and more. The dangers of distracted driving, and the importance of 360-degree awareness are also be covered in this course. There is no better way for your employees to learn safe driving techniques.

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  • M1 High Performance Driver Education Program

    Available upon request.

    Participants seeking to perfect their driving skills or prepare for high-performance driving events and even wheel-to-wheel racing will be taught by professional instructors. Activities include high speed lapping, braking, cornering, passing, and more. Specific focus will be placed on understanding your vehicle’s limits, physics and environmental observations.

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