Champion Motor Speedway

On June 1, 2016, the Champion Motor Speedway joined a select group of modern and dynamic road courses in America. Designed for a wide spectrum of uses, the 1.5 mile track accommodates the full gamut of vehicles, drivers, and events. Quite simply, the Champion Motor Speedway is the pinnacle experience for every kind of automotive enthusiast.

  • Champion Motor Speedway


    The Champion Motor Speedway winds its way through the M1 Concourse site as though it’s been there for generations. The developers worked closely with renowned track designer, Martyn Thake, to leverage the unique topography of the site. The track was designed to accommodate a diverse group of users, including club members, driving school participants and corporate clients. Additionally, the track was carefully positioned to provide direct views from many of the Private Garages.


    • 1.5 mile road course
    • 30’ Wide
    • Engineered asphalt surface
    • 25’ of elevation change
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  • Champion Motor Speedway


    The Champion Motor Speedway was designed with safety in mind. Owners of street legal vehicles of all types can enjoy their passion for motorsports in a controlled environment. Generous runoff areas combined with redundant safety barrier systems reduce risks posed to vehicles and drivers.


    • 3’ high Armco guardrail
    • Interlocked tire barriers in corners
    • State-of-the-art catch-fence system at select areas of the track
    • Hospital with Level II trauma center located within ¼ mile
    • Trackside safety and fire equipment
  • Champion Motor Speedway


    As with all professionally managed tracks in the U.S., M1 Concourse requires that all individuals and corporate clients execute a Release of Liability before enjoying the facility. Additionally, the M1 team will conduct safety briefings and individual coaching at all private events conducted by M1. Vehicle inspections forms are require for all vehicles that will be used on track.


    • Digital waiver system
    • Event liability insurance available
    • Professionally trained staff